Monday, June 22, 2009

Dog-friendly Maps for Android

Last week I got the T-Mobile Android G1 phone. Of course one of the first things I did was to hit the Android Marketplace and see what dog related applications were available. If you're an Android user you already know that the pickings are pretty slim. However, after playing with my phone a bit longer I discovered the Google My Maps Editor application. The power of this application is that it brings any custom Google map to your Android phone. You can either create your own maps or you can search for public maps and save them to your favorites. Both of my dog-friendly maps, Bay Area Dog Life and Dog Life USA, can be viewed on your phone.

To get my dog-friendly (or any public map) on your phone just log in to your Google account and go to Google Maps. Then search for public maps and save them to your favorites. When you open the My Maps Editor application on your phone you will see all your favorite maps. When you view the map on your phone it gets cashed to the memory and becomes available offline. Although you can't search for specific locations, you can use the GPS "My Location" feature to drill down and see what's nearby.

Both of these maps are open for anyone to edit so please help me add new places to the map.