Thursday, February 26, 2009

Take your dog skiing

Looking for a fun places to take your pooch this winter? How about the nearest ski resort? City Dog Magazine recently profiled the top 10 dog friendly ski resorts. The list includes Whistler, Crystal Mountain, Mount Baker, Squaw Valley and others. Check out the full list here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

When walking the dog is too much exercise

In case you haven't heard, dog treadmills are all the rage. In fact, Ashley Simpson was just seen exercising her Bull Dog on a treadmill in a Dog Whisper episode. If you're 72 years old or just to lazy to walk maybe a dog treadmill is right for you. Check out the happy pup in the DogTread video below. The treadmills start at $499 and get more expensive depending on the size.

Other treadmill vendors include Jog A Dog and Fit Fur Life.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dog Transportation

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dog Walking Arcade Game

As always the Japanese have found a new way to take pet ownership into the virtual world. Tokyo Mango has an interesting post on a new dog walking arcade game. I wonder what this is doing to the dog walking business in Japan. At least in San Francisco dog walking isn't cheap. Who knew people were willing to pay to do it?

New iPhone...For Dogs

Today my puppy told me he wants an iPhone. I knew the day would come I just didn't expect it to happen so fast. He's only six months old! After reading the review on Engadget I suppose I'll let him have it. At $11.95 and no monthly charge for the dog version you sure can't beat the price.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mr. Peabody

I don't know what reminded me of this but I can't resist posting it. For your enjoyment, Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman. Oh the challenges of raising a boy in an apartment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

By now almost everyone has heard of the Shiba Inu puppy cam which was viewed over 15 million times. Although those puppies have grown up there are some new Shiba Inus you can watch on the uStream webesite or with thier recently launched iPhone application. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of streams you can select from with the iPhone app. It would be nice if I could watch my own stream so that I could monitor my puppy. We're having trouble with him barking and annyoing the neighbors. At least if I knew he was barking I could come home and correct him. I'm still looking for an easy puppy monitoring solution.

Below is a chocolate lab puppy stream. I couldn't let the Shibas hog all the spotlight.

Stream videos at Ustream

Automatic Fetch DIY Style

A slightly more involved automatic fetch machine. If you can train your dog on this one you've got a MENSA dog.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Digital Dog Tags

For the last few weeks I've been searching for the perfect dog tag for Captain. Being the dashing young pup that he is I wanted to get him something fashionable and functional. The hardest part seemed to be deciding what to put on the tag. Should I put my wife's cell phone number or mine? An email address? Or his Home Again number? While contemplating these decisions I came across the Dog-e-tag.

With up to 40 lines of data storage in 5 different languages you should have no problem deciding what to put on the tag. And if you live in a city like Montreal or if your dog likes to visit Chinatown the language option should come in especially handy. The tag is waterproof and has a user-replaceable battery. What more could you want from a dog tag?

After all my searching I ordered two tags from mail order place. Both of them broke when I was trying to get them on his collar. Finally I went to Petco and used their machine to make one for $8.50. Maybe I'll buy him the Dog-e-tag for his birthday.

If you want to buy the tag you can find it in the Dog 2.0 Marketplace.

Automatic Fetch

They say you should get a dog that suits your lifestyle. I've seen more than a few people who didn't get the memo. So for those of you who are just too lazy to play fetch with your dog, the GoDogGo is the answer to your prayers. The device is an automated tennis ball launcher that can be plugged in or used with batteries. Set the GoDogGo timer and the a ball with launch every few seconds or control the device remotely from your hammock. With a little bit of training your dog can entertain himself for hours in the backyard. Check out the video for proof.