Monday, February 2, 2009

Digital Dog Tags

For the last few weeks I've been searching for the perfect dog tag for Captain. Being the dashing young pup that he is I wanted to get him something fashionable and functional. The hardest part seemed to be deciding what to put on the tag. Should I put my wife's cell phone number or mine? An email address? Or his Home Again number? While contemplating these decisions I came across the Dog-e-tag.

With up to 40 lines of data storage in 5 different languages you should have no problem deciding what to put on the tag. And if you live in a city like Montreal or if your dog likes to visit Chinatown the language option should come in especially handy. The tag is waterproof and has a user-replaceable battery. What more could you want from a dog tag?

After all my searching I ordered two tags from mail order place. Both of them broke when I was trying to get them on his collar. Finally I went to Petco and used their machine to make one for $8.50. Maybe I'll buy him the Dog-e-tag for his birthday.

If you want to buy the tag you can find it in the Dog 2.0 Marketplace.

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