Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dogster Dog Park - iPhone App Review

Over the last few days I've been testing the new iPhone app from leading dog social networking site, Dogster. Dogster is a very popular site that gets over 500k unique visits a month. To be frank, I'm not quite sure why.

Shortly after getting my puppy I signed up for a Dogster account. I spent a few hours building my profile and surfing around the site. Before long I started to get messages from dogs across the country. They sent me virtual bones and said they wanted to be my friend. Meanwhile my new puppy was chewing my shoe and causing as much trouble as possible. Personally, I'd rather be out at the dog park with my pup. My favorite dog websites and iPhone apps are the ones that help me keep track of my pup or find fun things to do.

Dog Park by Dogster has nothing to do with a real dog park. Much like the Dogster website, it is an app designed to let you send messages to other users in your best doggie voice. You can add a profile photo, post your status, and share virtual goods. However, it does not have any connection do your actual Dogster profile. Frankly the app leaves me a bit confused. Much of what it does can be achieve with your dog friends on twitter. And if I do want to message other dogs they should be the ones I already made friends with on Dogster. If all this sounds interesting to you then be sure to check out the Dog Park iPhone app from Dogster. It is free and currently live in the app store.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fido Factor Dog Friendly iPhone App

Here's a short YouTube demo video of the new Fido Factor dog friendly local search & travel iPhone app. Check back soon for a full review.

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