Friday, March 13, 2009

Mashable iPhone Apps Review

Mashable recently reviewed a few dog iPhone applications including Off Leash & Pet Phone. There is an ever growing number mobile dog applications in the AppStore. I've already downloaded a number of the dog iPhone apps and one of these days I'll get around to reviewing them. So far I'm mostly unimpressed. Pet Phone is probably the only one I would recommend at this point and it could use some serious UI improvement. You can read the Mashable review here.


  1. Hey, did you ever review more dog realted apps? If so would you checked out iSqueek? It's a new dog app that is very cool looking as it is a realistically reacting (and sounding) squeaky toy for the iPhone. But it isn't just one toy it's got eighteen different toys with their own sounds. It is probably more fun for people, as it looks so love it too. Obviously I'm biased towards it, but we developed it because we love dogs. Check out the Story Behind iSqueek on our website.

    There is a video demo there as well.

    Sorry for the plug, but it is related to your post so I thought you might not mind.

    Dave Alexander
    Harry Apps

    Dogs rule!

  2. Thanks for the comment Dave. I'll check out the app. I actually was just working on a full review of the dog-friendly apps which I'll try to post today. After that I'll check out the people dog apps. The way my dog eats squeeky toys I wouldn't want him getting the wrong idea about my iPhone. He already ate a DVD that he didn't like.