Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dogs on Yelp

I love Yelp. If you're unfamiliar, Yelp is review site, similar to Citysearch, for everything in your city (USA and UK). However, Yelp one-upped Citysearch by creating a true community and thus driving many more reviews, and more interesting reviews. In addition, the site has a great user interface that shows your results on a map and makes it easy to search for nearby places.

Yelp has a vibrant community of dog lovers who write passionate and frequently a bit snarky reviews. So why buy an expensive dog travel book when you can just search Yelp? Below are links to some Yelp doggie lists (including mine) for various cities around the U.S. and the link to search for more.

Captain's List (San Francisco)

Sophie's Favorite Shops (Bay Area)

Whose a good boy!?! (Boston)

Can I bring my dog? (Seattle)

What I do for love... (Chicago)

Search for a Yelp List in your city.

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