Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to Dog 2.0!

Welcome to my new doggie tech site! As you can see the content is a bit slim right now but I've got a great line up of posts in the works including topics like digital medical records, iPhone apps, dog social networks, maps, robot dogs, and more.

Although, while growing up my family had many dogs, I have been lacking my own pup since I went off to college. College life followed by city living was not conducive to dog ownership. In October of 2008, after moving to a pet friendly apartment in San Francisco, my wife and I brought home our Vizsla puppy, Captain. Since then, most of our free time (and cash) has gone into our puppy.

For some time I have been hearing about dog social networks or other doggie internet innovations. However, it wasn't until we brought Captain home that I began to really explore the world of doggie tech. Despite some interesting sites, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Most notably, dog information online is still very fragmented. There are Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, social networks, blogs, etc. However, I still haven't found that perfect doggie search engine, portal, or application.

This blog will chronicle my search for the best dog sites online, doggie applications, and fun dog technology.

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  1. So I hear they have kennels where they'll put a small camera on your dog, like on his collar or something, so that when you're away you can log in to see how/what he's doing. I expect it'd be mostly closeups of other dog's asses.

    Also there's that site that broadcasts puppies 24/7, just a camera pointed at a pen full of them. That was blowing up for a while.